Campaña de los pobres

Contact: Martha Waggoner:

As Congress stalls on whether it wants to save democracy by ending the filibuster and protecting voting rights, the Poor People’s Campaign will hold a three-hour vigil on Saturday when people will tell their stories of why voting rights matter to them. 

Impacted people from at least 35 states will join a livestream from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday to discuss the importance of voting rights and why Congress must pass legislation to protect everyone’s right to access the ballot. 

Reporters can drop in on the livestream at any point and hear what impacted people are saying to provide a different viewpoint than the one from inside the beltway. 

Nuestra fecha límite nunca la establecen los políticos. Nuestra fecha límite es cuando ganamos. 

Link to release: La Campaña de la Gente Pobre realiza una vigilia por el derecho al voto en línea el sábado