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Octubre 19 7 @: 00 pm , 9:00 pm EDT

Círculo de historia virtual de OHPPC

Lunes 19 de octubre de 7pm a 9pm EDT

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WHAT IS A STORY CIRCLE?  A Story Circle is a small group of individuals sitting (virtually) in a circle, sharing stories from their own experience focusing on a common theme. We are inviting folks to engage with key themes, resources, and ideas generated by the Poor People’s Campaign. Every story has a beginning, a middle, an end, and a teller. Imagine starting this way: “Let me tell you about the time…” Whatever story each person wants to tell is welcome. As each person in turn shares a story, a larger, richer, and more complex story emerges. Taken together, these stories can help us to develop a shared analysis of the problems our communities face and spark our imagination about what is possible when we take action together. By the end, people see both real differences and things their stories have in common. 

Los círculos de historias a menudo se entienden como derivados de las tradiciones indígenas.